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Our story

There it was on our potential dream home and new business.  I made the appointment to view and then broke the news to my husband.  The house was located 100 miles from the area we had been looking so it was a surprise.   Off we went to view.  Although the location was stunning overlooking Loch Ard with spectacular views towards Ben Lomond it was very tired inside the house.  On our second viewing we took my parents and walking along the beach my father said to me “well if want it you had better get on and buy it before someone else does” with those words still ringing in my ears we did just that.

In September 2012 we became the proud owners of Altskeith, which we renamed Altskeith Country House on Loch Ard, or as our neighbours describe the house “the altskea”.

There was very little business coming through for the new season in 2013 and our decision was to continue trading and during low season close the house down and complete a phase as part of the development and upgrades then re-open for a period of time.  We repeated this process over and over again.

Over the last 2.5 years with dogged determination and a crystal clear vision we have transformed the house into a homely, cosy feel country house and enhanced the property with some upgrading to damp old stores to create a large function room space with floor to ceiling clear glass views showing off Ben Lomond.  In addition we have gathered classic pieces of furniture, lighting and mirrors to enhance the rooms.

We had always seen the potential for weddings and with great passion we started to develop this as part of the core business.  Even under the clouds of plaster dust and our building site appearance that lay before each couple as they walked through the front doors this did not put them off. They trusted us and our judgement and couples came back to book time and time again.  To each and everyone of you we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Now we are looking to develop our business further.

It’s been our complete passion, living and work at Altskeith Country House and we look forward to showing you our changes over the coming years.

We hope you have the opportunity to come and visit this most stunning part of the world and share the joys we experience every day living here.

Alison & Yas Rios McCrone
Altskeith Country House on Loch Ard

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